50 Years of Everything Oopsy!

It was the summer of 1967 when Bob McNea was given the opportunity to produce a brand new children's show which would air Saturday mornings on NBC to thousands of young viewers living in communities around the Great Lakes. It was the sixties and flower power was...

Only A Quarter To Buy Salami And A Little Magic?

Bobby learned his first slight-of-hand trick from a local St. Thomas Butcher, who ran a small shop on Talbot Street. Frequently sent on errands to buy salami, cold cuts or stewing beef at the butcher shop, he’d eagerly snatch a quarter from his mother’s hand, scurry...

Frances Kay McNea (1931-2015)

It is with great sadness that I let you know the passing of Bob McNea's beautiful wife, and my sweet mom, Frances Kay McNea on Friday, April 17th, 2015 at the age of 83. I'm having trouble finding the right words to describe the privilege I have had being the daughter...

Bob McNea and America’s Sweetheart

In June 1943, sweltering summer heat enveloped South Western Ontario earlier in the season than usual. At that time, there were no public swimming pools in St. Thomas where a young lad could dip into the cool refreshing water during the hot, hazy days. Never the less,...

Little Bobby McNea’s Big Show Biz Break

On Saturday mornings during the warm weather, Bobby’s escorted his mother Pearl to the bustling St. Thomas farmer’s market located on Manitoba street, which was closed to traffic those mornings. Ten year old Bobby would follow her around, red wagon in tow, while she...

Bob McNea’s first boss, Old Man Smith

In 1938, the Easter Bunny brought Bobby a brand new red steel wagon. For the next few days, the McNea kids spent their school holiday taking turns pulling each other in it as they tore around the main floor of the house. Once they had banged up the doorways and...
Bob McNea's first clown character 1942

The Art of Reinvention: Bob McNea’s first clown character

As with most kids, Halloween was a favourite time of the year for the McNea brood. Every year, they would dash around in a tizzy trying to figure out what they wanted to be for the night. But, Bobby knew. He’d run from room to room gathering together oversized odds...
William McNea

Chaplin, Bob McNea & the Elizabeth St. Theatre

The McNea children’s father, Bill was an accountant for the liquor control board in the 30’s. Unfortunately, when the Conservative government lost power to the Liberals back then, he and several other employees lost their jobs. No worries, Bill changed careers,...
Bob McNea 1945
Bob McNea circus clown 1944
Bob McNea as first professional circus clown Popo Nay
Bob McNea and Kirk Douglas
“George Pierrot Presents” 1963
Bob McNea, Moppets the Clown 1955
Bob McNea, Bozo the Clown autograph card 1960
Grand Marshall Oopsy Daisy

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